The name’s Kyra (KEER-uh) and I’m just obsessed with creating things. Whether it’s freezing a moment in time through photography, coloring in my vast variety of coloring books, crafting, creating costumes or even writing, I always have this need to, simply, create.

When I’m not snapping photos, I’m usually working on something creative. So I figured, why not blog about it? Whether it’s a fun DIY idea, crocheting or drawing, you’ll find it here!

Or over on my YouTube channel.

So, who am I?

  • I love all things geeky. I’m a nerd and proud of it!
  • I’m a Jersey girl living in Pennsylvania.
  • I hope to one day finish writing a novel, or better yet, get one published.
  • I love to read/listen to audio books which further inspires me to dream of becoming an author.
  • Labyrinth is my favorite movie. The Princess Bride is a close second.
  • I’m a gamer. I grew up playing the Tomb Raider series and it remains my favorite.
  • I have an addiction for planners, traveler’s notebooks, and bullet journaling.
  • I like to hope that I’m a decent artist, because I truly love to draw.
  • I’m obsessed with anything that has a galaxy on it.
  • Red is my favorite color, but I have this love for blue (hence the reason I use it in my logo).
  • I have this crazy obsession with unique shades of lipstick, although I don’t care much for make up.
  • I’m addicted to coffee but mostly tea.
  • I’ve always loved Egypt. Sometimes I wonder if I was Egyptian in a past life.
  • I love gummi bears!
  • I crave anything that is cranberry-orange, especially muffins.
  • My favorite band is Disturbed.
  • I’m an animal rescue advocate and was previously the Creative Director for Arctic Spirit Rescue, a northern breed dog rescue I’ve been a part of from the beginning. I even designed their logo!
  • I’m definitely a dog mom and love my two furbabies, Chewie and Zoey.
  • Most of all, I love my hubs, Brandon. He is constantly supporting my crazy, and perhaps wild endeavors, and forever believing I will succeed in everything I do.