Harry Potter March 2018 Bujo Theme

March Marauder's Map Harry Potter Bujo Theme

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good…”

While a lot of others have done adorable bunnies and beautiful springtime flowers for their March bullet journal themes (something I nearly did myself because, well, bunnies), I almost forgot that Hogwarts Houses Pride Days are in March!

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Weekly Spread

So, duh, of course I had to make this month’s theme Harry Potter! Since I had done a purely Ravenclaw theme for my fauxdori last year, I wanted to show pride for all the houses this time.

Harry Potter Slytherin Bullet Journal Spread

I tend to like very clean and simple layouts, but I saw these Harry Potter stickers on Etsy by Frou Frou Craft and knew they would be perfect with splashes of watercolor. I also wanted to test watercolor on this journal’s paper. I purchased the digital download of the images and made them into stickers by using my Cricut. Easy-peasy! Then I got to work.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Weekly Bullet Journal Layout

I’m very happy with this month’s spreads, and the watercolor actually held up pretty well! The cover page seeped through a bit because I used a lot of watercolor, however, I didn’t have anything important on the other side. Using less water helped seepage on the weekly layouts.

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Bullet Journal Spread

If you’d like to see the full Plan With Me video, check it out below. And don’t forget to comment which Hogwarts House you belong to!