Dollar Tree Hanging Succulent Terrariums DIY

Do you love those fake succulent terrariums that you usually find at craft and retail stores, but feel like they cost a bit too much? Never fear! Dollar Tree has been on top of everything, even more so this year, coming out with so many awesome new products. I honestly can’t believe some of the new items, especially the quality of them!

And one of those new items are these plastic hanging terrariums.

Dollar Tree Hanging Succulent Terrarium

Not only can you find the terrariums, you can find everything else you’ll need at Dollar Tree to create your own! All I used were two succulents (plus extra faux foilage from A.C. Moore that I already had laying around), reindeer moss, rocks, and twine! All you have to do is decorate the terrarium in any way you’d like. It’s that simple and easy! Not to mention, you’re spending half the amount on these supplies (able to make more than one, mind you) than you would on a single pre-made terrarium at one of the other stores. So get crafting and decorate your home for Spring! 🙂