Harry Potter Wands DIY

Starting today, March 20th, the Hogwarts Houses celebrate their pride days! Today is Hufflepuff, tomorrow the 21st is Syltherin, the next day is Gryffindor, while the 23rd is Ravenclaw! Which House do you belong to? Ravenclaw forever here!

I wanted to do this wand DIY that you’ve probably seen all over Pinterest…and it’s also very, very easy to do! Literally, all you need are some chopsticks, hot glue, and paint. You could also add stones, beads, or anything else to add texture and decoration.

Simply warm up that glue gun and build up your wand. Once it’s cooled, give it a coat of paint and seal it with Mod Podge! I used two different browns, and two types of metallics. I absolutely love them and definitely want to make more.

To see the tutorial, watch the video below. And thanks again for stopping by, guys.