Labyrinth DIYs | 30th Anniversary!

It’s only forever…not long at all.

Labyrinth is celebrating 30 years! It’s amazing! Even though it makes me feel a bit old. And in honor of this, I just had to whip up a few DIYs inspired by my favorite movie of all time. These are easy, affordable and fun crafts anyone can do!

Jareth Crystal Orb Necklace

An simple pendant inspired by Jareth’s crystal orbs, made with just wire and a clear marble.

Sarah Williams inspired flower crown.

I also made this flower crown, very loosely inspired by the one Sarah wears at the beginning of the movie when she first recites, “Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered…

Labyrinth Lyrical Canvases

And lastly, my favorite DIY of the three: these two lyrical canvases. I cannot wait to hang these up!

Please feel free to watch the tutorials in the video below, and as always, like, subscribe and leave me comments. Thanks so much for watching!