4 Seasons Tree Paintings

So, I had these four canvases that I bought from Ollie’s for a few bucks a piece and have always wanted to do this set of paintings for…I dunno, five years? Yes, it took me that long to finally do this. Besides knowing the idea I wanted, I didn’t have much else planned. So when I sat down and got started, I used whatever technique came to mind first and it proved to be a lot of fun.

I wanted it to be simple. I wanted pops of color…so this is what I came up with! Please excuse the low-res images. I only had my phone on me while working on this.

Blank canvas and foam brush.Love my plastic table cover?? My last easel fell apart. Oops.

Randomly squirt some paint onto the canvas.
Like I said, I didn’t have any sort of technique in mind, so since I decided to live dangerously, I simply squirted paint onto the canvas and used my sponge brush to spread it across the canvas. I added colors as I went if I needed and I loved how they turned out.

Basics acrylic paint in blue.Galeria paint in Cadmium Yellow.

You could use whatever paint you’d like, but I just had these two brands lying around. I felt like the cheaper Basics paint worked a lot better because it didn’t dry as fast and it was more watery. But again, any acrylic paint will work. Even oils if you prefer that.

Brush the paint across the canvas in even strokes.Blue is for Winter!

Look at those colors! Summer, Fall and Spring.
Summer, Fall and Spring!

These were the final paintings. I chose colors that reminded me of each season and just had fun with it! I think my favorite is the purple-ly Spring one, but I do love them all.:)

Tape the back of the dried canvases to keep them secure.

Close up of the canvases taped in the back.

Once they were dried, I lined them up the way I wanted them, flipped them over and taped them on the back. I didn’t want the canvases to shift around as I drew and painted the tree, so this kept them nice and secure.

Outline of the drawn tree on the painted canvases.

Progress photo of the tree being painted in.

Flip the canvases back over. I decided to take a Sharpie marker and draw the tree on there first, but some people may just want to dip right into the paint and start painting it on that way. I decided to go with a thin, wispy tree and it only took, roughly, an hour or two to completely finish.

Finished seasonal tree paintings!

It also took a couple hours to hang…Thanks to the Hubs for being so patient!

Close up of the four seasons tree paintings.

Ugh, horrible photo of it (ewe, glare), but I’m very proud of it.

And there it is! My four seasons tree painting…paintings? Whichever the case, I’d be curious to see what other people came up with.