Wordsworth Planner May 2019 Plan With Me

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I wanted to see how I could decorate my new planner from the wonderful people over at Wordsworth. It’s already laid out, with a simple and beautiful black and white scheme, so I didn’t have to design anything. And that is just one of the many things that I love about this planer. I don’t have to do anything with it because I like the minimalist look.

Still, I was curious about whether or not I could spruce it up a bit, so I only did a splash of watercolor, some stamps, and a couple of small fox stickers. I also wasn’t sure how much writing and space I would utilize, so I went light for this month and the first week of May. Good thing, too, because I’ve been using it a lot! 🙂 Also, the paper is SUPER durable; the light bit of watercolor didn’t bleed through except in for one spot where I used too much water. That is amazing!

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