Wordsworth Planner October 2019 Plan With Me

Witchy drawing in my Wordsworth Planner.

Yep, I’m still using my Wordsworth Planner. I honestly love it and haven’t felt compelled to go back to my bullet journal or any other planner right now. Wordsworth literally makes it easy to plan out my weeks, and I’m not spending unnecessary time trying to come up with layouts when I simply don’t have the time.

Witchy planner theme for October.

Still, I was beginning to miss how I decorated my bullet journal originally. I had the time this week, so I decided to get extra fancy for October, since it’s my favorite month. 😉 I scanned in a drawing of a witch that I had done and use it for a monthly cover. Then, I just used some simple supplies, like Tombows and Jane Davenport’s Finishing Line Pens to add some nice touches, as well as Halloween sticker rolls I found at Michael’s.

Monthly tarot with full and new moon dates in my Wordsworth Planner.

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