Home Office Tour

Old office with mostly everything moved out already.
Old office with mostly everything moved out already. So messy!

The spare room that we’ve used for the past year had gotten really, really small, and we were outgrowing the office pretty quickly. The house has a finished basement and a good amount of room…why wouldn’t we use it for our office? My husband and I had contemplated it as some sort of family room for awhile, so we decided to still do that, but also make it our new home office as well.

It can get a bit cold down there during the colder months, especially with the self-adhesive tile floor, but our space heater warms it up really well! This year we have to worry about replacing our roof, but once we have the money to do so, we plan on doing full carpeting in the basement as well as something more permanent for the desks. But for now, some cheap rugs and whatever furniture we have on hand is working just fine! 🙂

New computer setup in the basement office.
The new computer setup!

Our computers fit side by side perfectly, and I was able to make an “L” with my crafting table. This makes it easy for me to simply turn around to access whatever I need.

Setting up my crafting area.
Setting up my crafting space. And Zoey saying hi!

My husband has had this folding table for years, and it was actually the one I used when I started my YouTube channel. It’s sturdy, the perfect size for the space, and there’s enough room underneath it for drawer bins for storage. We also bought the cubby shelves from Home Depot, and it works well with some Dollar Tree bins to hold some of my art supplies.

Temporary craft storage.

For any overflow supplies, I put them in more bins on this shelf unit. For now, this will do fine (even if it still looks a bit messy), but later on when we redo the office again, we’re hoping to get a standalone closet to store all of this in. And then it’ll be tucked away nicely.

A sleepy Chewie, exhausted from all the moving!
All this work and moving stuff made Chewie and Zoey super tired.

Zoey was pretty sleepy, too.

Family area of the home office.
The living room area of the basement.

After the office space was set up, we began to work on the living room section. Originally, the couch was in a different spot, but it really closed off the area and made it feel a lot smaller. So, moving the couch against my craft area really opened it up, and I absolutely love it!

Check out all the geeky stuff!
Geeky stuff! Any Half-Life or Tomb Raider fans? 😉

I especially love the shelves for all our geeky stuff, like the metal posters from Displate, and our Funko Pops! The previous owner originally had a large bar here, with a television in that center alcove in the wall. Eventually we’ll patch that up and possibly put more shelves so we can display more things.

The final setup of my work space.

And this is the final result! Eventually, as I said, we’ll have better carpeting that will cover the entire basement floor, and possibly a better desk solution to utilize the space more. Until then, we’re happy with how it’s turned out. What do you think? 🙂

Feel free to check out my vlog for a better look at our new office, and I’ll catch you in the next video! As always, thanks for stopping by.